How to design simple and professional Business Card

Business Card is one of the most important and first thing that is exchanged when business meeting a new client or any business person. Even in this time of digital media growing up, you cannot avoid the business card importance. Now I am going to simply explain how to make a simple and professional business card design in Illustrator. If you have a basic knowledge in Illustrator you can do it very easy.

Business card have many different standard sizes, as you can see below.
You want make custom size also possible.

74 × 52 mm
85 × 55 mm
85.60 × 53.98  mm
90 × 55 mm
91 × 55 mm
90 × 54 mm
88.9 × 50.8 mm
85 × 48 mm
90 × 50 mm

Here I am making a 90 x 50 mm size double side business card.

Open a new document from file menu, select rectangle icon from tool bar.


Now we create a rectangle 90 mm  width and  50 mm height.

Rectangle is ready,  guide line is the important thing in business card design. to make guideline select the rectangle and go to Object > path > Offset Path.

Create -4 mm offset path,  now you can see one more rectangle inside the first one. the second one we go to convert to guide line.
 select the second rectangle then go to View > Guides > Create Guides

Now second rectangle converted to guide line.
Then make middle guide lines from Ruler (CTRL + R) vertical and horizontal.

I select two rectangle in background with 80% of Black fill, see the guidelines for both rectangle.

Now  place the company  logo  in to the card design and details of contents like Name, Position, Mobile Number, email, telephone, fax and social media contact and more up to you.

Be sure the alignment of content is perfect, this give nice look. If you need more guide lines create guidelines, Normal font size for name 8pt bold and other things 7 pt normal is standard.

Now see our card.  

Now see the Business Card like in a business table.

I will appreciate your feedback.

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