Best photography camera buy online - Nikon D7000 12mp Sony sensor

Nikon has released the D7000 mid-level digital SLR. Housed in a magnesium alloy body, the feature-rich camera incorporates a 16.2Mp CMOS sensor, faster 'Expeed 2'-branded processor, 921k dot 3.0" LCD and can record 1080p full HD movies. It features the company's latest 39-point AF system with 3D tracking and 2,016 pixel RGB metering sensor. It will start shipping with the 18-105mm VR kit lens from October 2010 at a retail price of $1499.95. We've had a pre-production D7000 in the office for long enough for us to prepare an full hands-on preview looking at the camera, its features and where it'll sit in the range.
12mp Sony sensor16mp Sony sensor
Mostly plastic structure, little weathersealingMagnesium alloy frame, lots of weathersealing
MB-D80New weathersealed MB-D11
11-point CAM1000 autofocus, 1 cross sensor39-point CAM4800 autofocus, 9 cross sensors
720P/24 video, Motion-JPEG compression, low audio sample rate1080P/24 video (plus other formats), H.264/MPEG-4 compression, high audio sample rate
Single SD card slot (SD, SDHC)Dual SD card slots (SD, SDHC, SDHX)
420-pixel metering sensor2016-pixel metering sensor with new integrations (focus, more patterns)
4.5 fps max frame rate6 fps max frame rate
Traditional Mode dialMode dial now has user setting positions, Scene modes de-emphasized
Button controls shooting methodNew sub-dial controls shooting method, adds mirror lockup and quiet shooting mode
95% viewfinder100% viewfinder
Shutter tested to 100k iterations, max at 1/4000, sync at 1/200Shutter tested to 150k iterations, max at 1/8000, sync at 1/250 (or 1/320)
Doesn't meter with AI and AI-S lensesMeters with AI and AI-S lenses
EN-EL3e batteryEN-EL15 battery
Added features: intervalometer, virtual horizon, full-time AF in Live View and Movie modes, file renaming, 14-bit and lossless NEF choices, new warm position for Auto White Balance, Auto Distortion Control, Flicker reduction, Copyright Info, WT-4 wireless support, AF Fine Tune, additional Retouch options including movie editing

From the Manufacturer

Meet the new Nikon D7000, a camera ready to go wherever your photography or cinematography takes you. Experience stunning images with sharp resolution and smooth tonal gradation, thanks to the 16-megapixel DX-format CMOS image sensor and a powerful EXPEED 2 image processing engine. Take advantage of its wide ISO range of 100 to 6400 (expandable to 25,600) and its incredibly low levels of noise. Expect your images tack-sharp and accurately exposed, thanks to the camera’s 39-point AF and Scene Recognition System using a 2,016-pixel RGB matrix metering sensor. And with an approx.  0.052-second release time lag and approx. 6 frames-per-second shooting, you won’t miss a moment.

You’ll see exactly what you’re capturing with the approx. 100% frame coverage viewfinder, and for those who want to shoot both stills and movies, the D7000’s D-Movie capabilities now include Full HD 1080p capture with full-time autofocus and manual exposure. All of this advanced imaging technology is kept safe beneath the magnesium alloy covering the top and rear chassis of a compact body, whose sealing has been severely tested against moisture and dust. The D7000 is ready to shoot indoors and out, and at 150,000 cycles tested, the camera’s durable shutter unit helps you keep shooting. Combine all this with the unmatched NIKKOR lens lineup and Creative Lighting System and you have everything you need to explore your imagination to its fullest. Where can creative freedom like this take you? Find out, with the D7000.

D7000 Highlights

Stunning image details: 16.2 effective megapixels 
Whether you want to make large prints or crop tightly in an image, the D7000 delivers the resolution you need. At its heart is a DX-format CMOS image sensor with 16.2 effective megapixels, optimally engineered to gather more quality light through sharp NIKKOR lenses.  Coupled with 14-bit A/D conversion (12-bit selectable), the D7000 produces stunning images that are richer in tone and detail than previously possible in DX format. The A/D conversion happens within the sensor, thereby maintaining exceptional image integrity without sacrificing shooting speed or energy efficiency. Combine these with the agile DX format and its signature 1.5x focal length telephoto potential and you can begin to see where this kind of shooting power can take you.

Improved image quality and speed: EXPEED 2 image processing engine
Sometimes you want to capture the subtle tones of a sunset. Other times you want to freeze the action. The D7000 delivers both, thanks to the newest generation of image processing engine, EXPEED 2, which performs multiple tasks with more speed and power. Expect smoother tonal gradations, even in difficult shadows and highlights, for a greater sense of depth in your images. Shoot continuously at 6 frames per second so you can capture the action you’ve been missing. Focusing performance such as face recognition in Live View mode is also further improved, letting you concentrate on your composition.

Standard ISO 100 to 6400, expandable to ISO 25600 equivalent
With improved pixel quality of the image sensor comes a wider ISO range from the DX-format — ISO 100 to 6400 has now become standard with the D7000, enabling you to handle a wider range of lighting situations: from the bright and sunny outdoors to low-lit evenings and interiors. Nikon’s renowned noise reduction technology has been upgraded even further. Throughout the range, the D7000 delivers sharp images with minimized color noise. And thanks to the higher processing speed, even when High ISO noise reduction is activated, you can keep shooting continuously without stress. Quality high-ISO performance can also enhance a lot for movie shooting, allowing you to capture the mood of a scene using only available light.

Capture Full HD 1080p D-Movie with full-time autofocus and manual exposure
The D7000 welcomes in a new era of movie capture: Full HD 1080p and movie editing functions for exceptional cinematic reproduction and quality. In addition to smooth-moving images, the camera can compensate for distortion and other image-degrading problems. Besides auto exposure mode, the D7000 offers manual exposure mode, which locks in the exposure value when shooting scenes with varying contrast levels, such as when panning from a bright window to a dark interior. Aside from a built-in monaural microphone, the D7000 incorporates an external microphone jack for high-quality stereo sound recording options.

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